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Villa Quetzal

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just what the Doctor ordered. “Sun, Seabreeze, and Ocean"

Every time I say that spending time by the beach is, “Just what the Doctor ordered,” I know it sounds like an excuse to take a nice vacation on the beach; however, it has been known for centuries that exposure to the Sun, Sea breeze, and Ocean water, provide the body with elements that not only help to heal, but enhance life.

Personally, I love the ocean, because the sound from the waves, help me to feel calmed.  Interestingly enough I found that some researches show that the wave patterns within the brain are altered by that specific sound from the ocean waves, inducing to a state of calmness.  It might be a reason why many people choose to listen to calming CDs of ocean waves just before they are going to bed.  Some may argue that the calming effect from the waves helps to lower high blood pressure.

Sea Breeze helps you to feel healthier.

The fresh sea air helps you to sleep more soundly.  Do you remember spending the day on the beach, and having a restful night sleep?  Well, apparently the sea air is charged with healthy negative-ions that accelerate the absorption of oxygen into the body.  These same negative ions also balance the levels of serotonin, that body chemical that has to do with the mood and stress.  No wonder, after a nice weekend on the beach is common to feel more alert, and energized.

Coastal cities are best for asthmatics because the ocean breeze blows away pollutants, pollen, and other irritants.  People with asthma also tend to do better in areas that have mild climates with little humidity or extreme weather temperatures. 

Patients with cystic fibrosis could benefit greatly by spending time receiving the ocean breeze.  This is not a cure for the disease, but the ocean is a natural treatment.  Research has shown that the salty mist from the water can help break up thick mucus in the lungs and makes breathing easier.  Doctors suggest that cystic fibrosis patients live near the coastline, and take advantage of the health benefits found on the saltwater air.  
Some doctors argue that inhaling a high salt-containing air into the lungs helps draw fluid out of the tissue and create a surface lining that these patients would not have. Read more about this 162-6840072.html

Sea Water can be more beneficial than we think.

For centuries, seawater has been considered a great healing ailment; seawater contains beneficial components like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.  Therefore, seawater could help to heal wounds, reduce pain, improve skin condition, and flush toxins.    

Some dermatologists explain that sea water can heal some cases of dermatitis, like skin rash often caused by contact with household chemicals, poisoned plant or any other skin irritants.  Some of them argue that the salt and potassium chloride contained in the seawater seal the damaged skin and allow it to mend.  The natural ingredients harvested from the waves (sea salts, algae, and seaweed) are packed with nourishing minerals.  Its healing qualities detoxify, feed the nervous system, relieve muscular tension, and have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.  

The Sun, and its healing qualities

We all wonder at this point, how can sun exposure could be beneficial?  That poor Sun, lately has been getting such a bad reputation that no one seems to trust it anymore.  Well, we all know that anything our body receives has to be in good balance “not too much, not too little.”

Excessive sunlight can put you at higher risk for skin cancer and cataracts.  It can also make your skin wrinkle, and age way-too early in life.
Being cautious does not mean that you should avoid the sun altogether.

Sunlight happens to be one of the greatest healing remedies that you can find in nature.  The sun provides the energy that all living things need in order to exist on this earth.  Take advantage of this wonderful natural and free remedy…
Here are some of the benefits you can receive from conscious exposure to sunlight:
  • ·         It is men’s primary source of vitamin D. 
  • ·         It gives you a healthy-looking complexion.  It will make your skin smooth with an irresistible healthy glow.
  • ·         Allowing your skin to be moderately tanned, will make it more resistant to infections and sunburns than if your skin is not tanned.
  • ·         Ultraviolet rays from the sunshine, act as a natural antiseptic.  These rays can kill viruses, bacteria, molds, yeasts, fungi, and mites in air, water, and on different surfaces, including your skin.
  • ·         Moderate sun exposure helps to clear up different skin diseases such as acne, boils, athletes-foot, diaper rash, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • ·         When you feel down, one of the major benefits of sunlight is that it will soothe your nerves and boost your mood leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.  Exposure to the sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in your brain, which will definitely leave you feeling much better.
  • ·      Sunlight improves the function of your liver, and helps it to brake down toxins and wastes that could lead to serious diseases.

Find more about this fascinating topic, and research about the healing powers of the sun: 

We have been living by the beach since 2009.  Ever since we have included the sun-sea breeze-sea water therapy to our daily lives, experiencing the multiple health benefits.  I personally enjoy enormously the sunny days; the rainy days are welcome with their drop in temperatures; even the lightning on stormy nights makes me appreciate the beautiful skies, free of pollution.

I love the living in Costa Rica, going to the beach as much as possible, receiving the benefits of the warm Sun, fresh- healing Sea breeze, and the rich Ocean water.

Next time you think about a vacation, come to Costa Rica and give your 
“Mind and Body”  “Just what the Doctor Ordered” 

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