Villa Quetzal

Villa Quetzal

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunny Costa Rica ~ The Power of the Sun over our Lives

Do you remember the first sunset you ever saw in your life?

Do you remember the sunrise caressing your eyes while waking up on your first vacation day at the beach?

Do you remember the most romantic sunset you ever experienced?
And… what about that unbelievable sunrise infusing you with an energetic feeling within yourself?
I believe every one of us has had at least one extraordinary experience involving a sunrise or a sunset. I also believe each one of us has a different perception of the sun and its powers, what I think is undeniable is the powerful effect the sun has over our lives and every living being on earth.

Since we moved to Costa Rica, almost without noticing I started to develop a deep

appreciation for the beauty of nature and everything under the sun. I have learned to see life from a different perspective, and perceive nature not only with my eyes but also with all my senses.  

For years, I have heard that people who live closer to nature do not suffer depression, or at least, they experience less depression than people living in highly structured environments do. 

·        There is a deeper connection to life as a result of admiring the beauty of creation.
·        Experiencing a sunset or a sunrise makes the soul happy, influencing the well-being of the body.
·        The nervous system becomes relaxed when we take the time to experience nature, absorbing the energy gifted by the sun.
·       Connecting with nature allows the living energy to penetrate our mind, helping to dissolve negative emotions and depressive thought forms; resulting in a renewed happiness that will carry us through the day.  

Don’t you feel more alive when you can see the sun outside your window?
Our human nature requires the energy of the sun to move forward; we need to see its light, and we want to feel its energy as well as processing its power to support many of our daily activities.

In our little corner of paradise, when the sun shows its dazzling face, everything and everyone comes out to play, the hummingbirds, the squirrels, the monkeys, the butterflies; everyone is out there to share another beautiful day; it is up to us to join that energy.

Becoming one with nature is an easy thing to do when living in a tropical place like Costa Ballena, Costa Rica.

We can go to the beach and take the time to ‘listen’ the powerful ocean waves carrying the sounds of the sea-creatures, making us feel part of life with them.

We can walk barefoot on the beach and feel the sand tickling our toes, feeling every grain of sand and the life within it, letting all the energy run through our body.

We can also go to the river, and let the water run through our body or at least through our feet; it helps to balance the feelings, the thoughts, and the perceptions we may have around specific issues.

Drawing energy from the earth in whatever shape or form,

helps to strengthen our body and mind. That is something many indigenous cultures have used consciously as a powerful source of life.

The sun is the oldest and outmost universal theme

connecting the ancient wisdom traditions of the world, and yet its deeper meaning has continued to elude our modern and technologically oriented society.

We know the mind is a complex mechanism; according to some scientist, 40% of the human brain is devoted to processing vision, and for that to happen, the color spectrum is a vital component. Color attracts attention, sets the mood, and brings forth emotions. Color is influenced by wavelengths of light captured by the eye, and that light often than comes from the sun.

Try to imagine life without the sun illuminating your days... It would not be the same!

Let’s enjoy every sunny day and benefit from the powerful gift of warmness, light, and life.

Recently, I stumbled upon the following description by Fr. Richard Rohr of what three different men saw in a sunset while standing by the ocean.

It made a profound impression me, and I want to share it with you.
One man saw the immense physical beauty and enjoyed the event in itself. This man was the "sensate" type who, like 80 percent of the world, deals with what he can see, feel, touch, move, and fix. This was enough reality for him, for he had little interest in larger ideas, intuitions, or the grand scheme of things. He saw with his first eye, which was good.
A second man saw the sunset. He enjoyed all the beauty that the first man did. Like all lovers of coherent thought, technology, and science, he also enjoyed his power to make sense of the universe and explain what he discovered. He thought about the cyclical rotations of planets and stars. Through imagination, intuition, and reason, he saw with his second eye, which was even better.
The third man saw the sunset, knowing and enjoying all that the first and the second men did. But in his ability to progress from seeing to explaining to "tasting," he also remained in awe before an underlying mystery, coherence, and spaciousness that connected him with everything else. He used his third eye, which is the full goal of all seeing and all knowing. This was the best.

It would be wonderful if the next time you come to visit Costa Rica, you have the opportunity of experiencing the full connection of your being with the enormous power of the sun, whether a sunrise, a sunset, or just its powerful light.