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Villa Quetzal

Monday, September 12, 2011

“Whale’s Tail” Master Piece of Mother Nature in Uvita, Costa Rica

The “Whale’s Tail” is a spectacular natural formation  that interestingly enough attracts the famous Humpback Whales to Uvita Costa Rica this time of the year.  If you want to read more about this wonderful visitors,  check on my archive the Jun 21 post Costa Rica one of the Top favorite spots for Humpback Whales
One of the spots they seem to enjoy is Punta Uvita, an amazing geological formation that continuously draws the attention of researchers and visitors.  The Isthmus of Punta Uvita is a naturally formed sandbar created by the accumulation of rock and sediments.  Nobody can tell with accuracy when the “Whale’s Tail” started the process of formation, what the Costa Rican Scientists know is that it was the result of rocks emerging after repeated and intense movements of the tectonic plates.  The first part of this formation that showed up many, many years ago was the end of the tail or flukes ; it was a pile of rocks forming a small island and it was not clearly connected with the mainland.  Over the years and due to the action of the southeast current and the northeast current converging in the same spot, sand , sediments and a variety of material brought by both currents started to accumulate in layers, giving form to the  sand bar that connects the isle with shore  and gives the shape of a “Whale’s Tail”.

This sandbar reveals itself twice a day during the low tide, allowing people to walk over it.  This trail has a length of approximately one kilometer, and it is as wide as 100 mts.  This rocky formation is not strong enough to support the weight of a car; however, it is a stable trail for walkers.
This type of formation is ephemeral, it does not mean that it will disappear any time soon, but it could, it would depend of the climate change, changes of the currents and levels of the ocean waters.
Personally, I do not worry too much about it, it is here for me to enjoy it and I would like you to experience the magic of walking in it, you can also dive or snorkel around its reef; there is a very interesting coral reef formation around the flukes and that is what makes the “Whale Tale” a desirable spot for divers and snorkelers.
The mangrove located on the main land body of the “Whale’s Tail” is rich in flora, fauna, and home of a variety of marine bird including the Blue Egret, White Ibis, Osprey. 

The Whale’s Tail is really a Master Piece of Mother Nature, a piece of art that has to be seen.  When you come to Costa Rica, make sure you include in your itinerary a visit to the “Whale’s Tail”, it will be an experience you will always cherish.   

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